Aaran Gravestock

January 28, 2022

Why now is the ideal time to take out pet insurance

The new year normally brings a rise in unwanted pets that were given as Christmas gifts, as many new pet owners face the reality of how much time, work and money is required to properly care for an animal.  According to dog rescue and adoption charity Hope Rescue, January is always its busiest month as more people get into financial difficulty and struggle to pay vets bills.  The south Wales-based charity is now experiencing a £20,000 monthly veterinary bill, in part brought about because of an explosion in unscrupulous breeders, alongside the traditional unwanted pets given as Christmas gifts that it cares for.
January 7, 2022

Aquarium shortlisted for two National Insurance Awards

Aquarium has been shortlisted in two categories for the National Insurance Awards 2022 – Claims Initiative of the Year and the InsurTech Award.  The awards, which will be held on 9 March 2022 at London Marriot Hotel, highlight the best in general insurance provision and management.
December 13, 2021

The Christmas hazards your pets should avoid

Christmas is a chance to celebrate and spend quality time with loved ones, including pets. But there are lots of pet hazards in homes at this time of year that you should be mindful of.  The hazards may be particularly relevant for adventurous younger animals and those prone to misbehaviour.
December 1, 2021

How innovation by tech start-ups including insurtechs helps markets to flourish

Insurtech companies have attracted another record level of investment, with financial backing exceeding $10 billion for the first time in any one year on record, according to 2021 Q3 data. This is perhaps unsurprising given the high level of investment in insurtech seen in the first half of 2021 as consumers and businesses increasingly demand insurance services are delivered in the way that suits them – easy to use digital services.
November 24, 2021

Aquarium wins Best Cloud Automation Solution Award

Aquarium has won the Best Cloud Automation Solution Award at the Computing Cloud Excellence Awards 2021.  The Computing Cloud Excellence Awards acknowledge the best of the UK’s cloud industry, from the most innovative and compelling products and vendors to the […]
November 23, 2021

Ambivert vs. Omnivert: what is the difference and who is the better hire?

Some individuals sit somewhere in the middle between introverts and extroverts or can even switch between the two.   Introversion and extroversion Initially coined by Carl Jung, introversion and extroversion sit at opposite ends of most personality theories. Someone who […]
November 1, 2021

Will all pet insurance policies cover pet anxiety treatment in future?

In the UK 3.2 million households acquired a new pet from the start of the coronavirus pandemic, according to the Pet Food Manufacturers’ Association.  It is not surprising that one of the main beneficiaries of lockdown were pets, particularly dogs, […]