Devil can be in the detail of multi-trip winter cover

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November 5, 2018
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Devil can be in the detail of multi-trip winter cover

As the winter ski-ing season approaches and thousands of Brits prepare to slope off, travel tech specialist Aquarium Software warns those intending to rely on multi-trip cover to check it covers them for all planned activities.

A new YouGov survey into British attitudes to travel insurance and winter sports commissioned by Aquarium Software reveals that over half (53%) of those who have been on a winter sports holiday in the last five years relied on multi-trip protection.

63 per cent of Brits that have been or planning to go on a winter sports holiday, already think travel insurers try to rip them off by excluding things you would expect to be covered, and it is basic multi-trip policies where confusion over what is and is not covered can appear and can give insurance a bad name – one that is not always deserved.

“Multi-trip insurance can often be better value, but the devil can be in the detail,” said Aquarium Software Director, Mark Colonnese.

“A standard multi-trip policy may not cover everything and it can make a lot of sense to double check or take out specific cover for the activities you plan to undertake,” added Mark.

“While taking out specialist cover can avoid many of these issues and misconceptions, technology, perhaps surprisingly, may offer an alternative long-term solution,” added Colonnese.

“Systems that can deliver details straight to our smartphones can confirm the level of cover based on location and are equally capable of supporting single or multi-trip travel insurance.

These solutions can remove the most common misunderstandings arising between insurer and consumer, and should see trust levels between the two rise as a consequence,” concluded Mark.

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