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According to the Office for National Statistics, 46.6 percent of people in employment worked from home in April as the global pandemic forced businesses to close their offices. Although the change to working practices was mandated, many companies embraced the change: tech giant Twitter even recently announced its employees are able to work from home ‘forever’. With enhanced productivity, better work-life balance and less office-associated costs, can we expect more organisations to permanently ‘work from home’ as we shift into the new world?

Key benefits

Remote working gives employees the flexibility to work in a timeframe suited to them, which contributes to advanced productivity. Recent research has shown that 60 percent of UK workers are more productive in a home office and 75 percent find they are more productive at home as they experience less distractions. Work-life balance has also proven to be more manageable as people have the option to fit exercise into their lunch break or spend more time with their pet.

Our experience

Our team has successfully transitioned to agile working, enabling us to achieve some of the best work despite the huge challenge of lockdown; including the implementation of our platform for Australia-based Auto & General which you can read more about here. Through close collaboration with our clients and each other, Aquarium has significantly grown this year and, as a result, welcomed three new employees to the Aquarium family. As we continue to thrive, we want to welcome new talent to our dynamic team. If this could be you, make sure you visit our careers page and check out our current vacancies.

This year has resulted in us relying on technology and collaboration more than ever before. As a company that encourages innovation and prioritises the wellbeing of employees, we will continue to provide the most effective working environment for the physical and mental wellbeing of our employees, because we believe investing in people will ensure the long-term success of our business and continue to strengthen our ties with the local community.

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