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June 19, 2020
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July 28, 2020

Earlier this year and just as we entered full lock-down, we assisted Capita in bringing back former NHS employees into the NHS to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. The last few months and the global pandemic placed unprecedented pressure on the NHS due to the increasing demand for hospital beds and staffing resources. Following a call to arms from the UK Government, former NHS staff members were asked to provide front-line support and ease the strain on the health service, and we were able to play a part in making this possible.

Playing a vital part

Tens of thousands of former staff members including doctors, nurses and pharmacists answered the call and volunteered to return to the health service risking their lives as part of the national effort. This allowed the NHS to expand its workforce quickly, for dealing with the growing number of coronavirus cases.

However, the NHS required assistance in processing and organising the enormous amount of volunteer applications. The NHS reached out to Capita to implement a screening process who were able to provide hundreds of agents to manage the application process and ensure volunteer staff were used where needed the most. Having previously had a strong and trustworthy relationship with Aquarium, Capita asked for our assistance in building an integrated platform to manage the volume of call activity and responses.

A platform to deliver

Initially, we provided a prototype of a refined customer relation management system which we implemented and made live in record time. Working round the clock he initial system was “stood-up” in 4 days which in a pre-Covid world would have taken 40 days. The results were apparent immediately with efficiently handled data meaning per operator conversion results trebled within half a day of using the system.  With in-built intelligent process automation sending tens of thousands of emails and SMSs as part of the process with the results supplied to the Health Service regions daily for completion of the on-boarding process, all supported by real-time MI to ensure maximum operational effectiveness and returner conversion.

Key Stats:

  • 450 users
  • 50,000 documents processed
  • 40,000 emails received
  • 38,000 SMS Sent


The successful execution of this system has enabled Aquarium and Capita to collectively on board over 20,000 ancillary carers back into the NHS to support the initiative. As a growing UK-based company, we have proven that a combination of dedication and innovation can support larger organisations in need during a crisis.

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