Coding and creativity: why Monet, Davinci and Lowry would have made great developers

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November 26, 2020
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November 26, 2020

Coding and creativity: why Monet, Davinci and Lowry would have made great developers

Think coding isn’t creative? Then think again.

While stereotypes of a career in development might lead you to think it’s all numbers, logic and flickering cursors, you might be surprised that creativity is one of the top skills we look for when recruiting coders.

Read on to find out why coding is a creative job, how code can be expressive and why we always hire developers with artistic talent.


Is coding a creative job?

Short answer, yes!

You might not compare it with theatre or music, but a career in software development is perhaps more creative than you might think.

Logic and creativity are not polar opposites, and while coding is very much associated with the former (and seldom the latter), there’s certainly an overlap.

Ultimately, coding is used to create.

Whether it’s websites, mobile apps or art (more on that later), developers use code for a range of creative purposes. More than just the finished product, though, the whole process relies on solution and big picture thinking that only someone with imagination is suited to.

Just think of code as a big digital paintbrush!


What creative skills are needed for a career in development?

Creativity isn’t just one skill. Creativity is an umbrella term that denotes a range of core attributes – and when it comes to coding, you’re going to need the full creative toolkit.

From finding solutions for complex problems to inventing an entirely new application, the creative right brain gets more of its fair share of work when it comes to a job in programming or developing.

But which creative skills do you really need if you’re considering a career in code?

Well, when we’re recruiting full stack developers or support analysts, we always look to identify professionals who can demonstrate:

  • Problem-solving
  • Innovation
  • Abstract thinking
  • Experimenting
  • Collaboration

Think you’ve got these in your creative arsenal? Then you might just be perfect for a job in development or programming!


What is creative coding?

If you still don’t think coding is a creative vocation, allow us to introduce you to ‘creative coding’.

The goal of creative coding isn’t to produce something practical, but rather to create art. This is the intersection between expression and logic, where form triumphs over functionality, and can be used to make everything from music to cool visualisations!

This area is still quite niche, but is increasingly being used by brands in their marketing and advertising efforts.


What we look for in a coder

At Aquarium, we’re always looking to hire artistic types – and that extends to our development team.

When identifying coders, we look for candidates who are bright, mathematical…and CREATIVE; that’s why you’ll find musicians, artists and poets in our business.

Not only do we recognise the importance of creativity in code, we also try to nurture our employees’ artistic talent. So, no matter what you’re into, we’ll give you the environment to really flourish.

Think you’d be a good fit at Aquarium? We’re always on the lookout for top developers and would love to hear from anyone who believes they’d be an asset to our business.

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