We welcome Auto & General to the AQ family

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December 28, 2020
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January 21, 2021

In February last year, we began building our platform for Auto & General to support the company’s expansion into the pet insurance market. As one of Australia’s leading insurance providers, Auto & General is well established in the general insurance market but new to the pet sector. To become competitive in this rapidly growing market, Auto & General required a solution that would digitise the insurance process and provide customers with an easier experience when buying pet policies.

A growing market

The coronavirus pandemic has created significant growth in the number of people purchasing pets in Australia. RSPCA Victoria received a 45 percent increase in dog adoption applications compared to the same time the previous season, while Pet Rescue also recorded double the amount of dog and cat adoptions in March and April 2020 compared to the previous year. The increase in pet ownership has created a new business opportunity which is why Auto & General required a quick and efficient installation of our platform.

Efficiency is key

Despite global travel restrictions, we were able to remotely install the platform for Auto & General in less than four months. Rather than the time difference being an issue, we turned it into an opportunity; we rolled out different elements of the platform to share with our Australian colleagues in evening conference calls, so they would have a response by the time we started working on the project the next day.

Patricia Kleinhans, General Manager, Pet Health Insurance at Auto & General was fulsome in her praise for the platform: “We are incredibly impressed by many aspects of the project including the core system functionality, the on-time delivery of the sprints in accordance with the project plan and the professionalism of the team. Aquarium’s efficient delivery of the software has been remarkable – especially within such a tight time frame and under the coronavirus restrictions.”

Successfully implementing our platform during the pandemic has been a first for us. This rapid delivery has given Auto & General the tools needed to go live in record time, meet the needs of its growing partner base and achieve its ambitions for the pet insurance market in Australia. We look forward to seeing the success Auto & General achieves in the pet insurance market.

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