Aquarium welcomes Simon Brushett to the Board

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June 20, 2019
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Aquarium welcomes Simon Brushett to the Board

Simon Brushett – previously Head of Technology at Aquarium – has been appointed to our board as Technical Director, further enhancing our work in the insuretech market.


Simon joins the board with an accomplished career in the travel and pet insurance industry. He began working in a development role in South Wales for a travel tech company, after which he joined VetEnvoy in 2006. Responsible for software architecture and technology innovation in the UK and US, Simon gained a wealth of experience and knowledge before joining Aquarium in 2010.


At Aquarium he has been instrumental on projects for insurance brands such as Capita, Direct Line Group, Legal & General and RSA Canada – covering both pet and travel insurance. Simon has also been a leader in spearheading our platform proposition for wider insurance markets, addressing the need for digital transformation.


Discussing the insurance industry, Simon said: “To date digital transformation in insurance has focussed on specific objectives rather than delivering a platform-based solution for insurers.”


Looking ahead, Simon Brushett predicts: “The wider adoption of digital will drive wholescale cost reductions, enabling insurers to bring products to market quickly and deliver critical insight to help shape the next generation of insurance products.  Aquarium is leading the charge in pet and travel insurance markets and I am looking forward to further honing our clients’ offerings.”


With the appointment of Simon Brushett to the board, we are continuing our commitment to delivering best in class digital solutions for our customers – enabling them to operate more efficiently and effectively.


Commenting on Simon’s appointment, Ed Shropshire, Managing Director of Aquarium Software said: “Simon has a proven track record in leading the delivery of highly complex and time critical projects for Aquarium’s customers. With Simon’s expertise added to the board, we are ideally placed to further disrupt insurance markets in the future.”


We look forward to how Simon Brushett’s expertise will shape and benefit the board, furthering our goal of becoming the de facto platform for digitising insurance propositions.



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